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What Are You Watching?

by Kirk Wright 03/19/2020

Understandably, people are finding ways to adjust to our new reality and staying home is one of those adjustments. The default activities of staying home for any extended period of time, as I understand them, are as follows: move the contents of the fridge into your stomach, engage lovingly with your family members, then enter promptly into bat-s*#@ crazy. To help avoid stage 3, I thought I would share some of my favorite movies with you to help pass the time. If you feel like sharing your favorites, perhaps we can all get through this together. Here they are in no particular order:

  • Young Frakenstien - watch for "No matter what I say..." hilarious
  • 40 Year-Old-Vrigin - watch  for "That hurt as much coming out..." 
  • Storks - watch for "I LOVE it! Do you love it?"
  • Ryan Hamilton's "Happy Face" (Netflix Special) - watch for "Get my mom..."
  • Airplane - watch for "Doctor." "Doctor." "Doctor." "Doctor."
  • Tommy Boy - watch for "Right here. Not here. Not here..."
  • The Rundown - watch for "Get outta here monkey!"

Cautionary Note: 

Watching these movies may cause the inadvertant spewing of saliva and nasal matter from nose and mouth. Remain a safe distance from family members when watching.


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