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Cracking Concrete

by Kirk Wright 03/25/2020

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As sure as this weed figured out how to crack concrete and thrive, life will return to normal someday. If you have suffered loss, please know that I pray you too will find a way to thrive someday also.

While Panic is a rational response to what is going on, I think we can all agree it is not healthy, nor productive. Here are some ideas to make the most of a most unfortunate situation. I hope you will share what is helping you too.

  • Control what you have control of and not that which you do not.
    • I do not have control over
      • Stimulus Packages
      • Healthcare 
      • Employment, etc.
    • I do have control over
      • What I do with my time
      • What I think about
      • Who I talk to on a daily basis
      • How much media I consume
  • Exercise - it's unbelievable how much better I feel after 20 minutes of stretching and 40 minutes weights in the morning. If you are able to walk in your neighborhood, doing so is also very therapeutic. 
  • Socialize - I make a point of talking with at least 3 people a day.  This can be video chat or traditional phone call. The point is to stay connected while being isolated.
  • Learn - under normal circustances, there is never enough time to indulge in learning new things. We have time now. Today I meditated for the first time. It was fantastic! If you are interested, Elevate is offering a free year subscription for their Balance: Meditation App.
  • Wake up with intention - I am trying to have a purposed filled day each day. Set goals, meet them and repeat. 


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